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Dutch Minister doesn’t follow advise on labeling alcoholic energy drinks.

18 September 2009

Dutch Minister doesn’t follow advise on labeling alcoholic energy drinks. Derived: 14-09-2009
Source: Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sports

By order of Minister Klink of Health, Welfare and Sports, the office for risk evaluation of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, made a risk inventory of alcoholic energy drinks.
This report with recommendations was sent to the parliament together with a reaction of Minister Klink on September 11th 2009.

The three recommendations of the report followed by this inventory are:
- Asses the safety of (alcoholic) energy drinks and seek for an EU approach
- Make an inventory of the sincere harmful effects of drinking alcohol in combination with energy drinks
- Enact detailed regulations for labeling alcoholic energy drinks as well as energy drinks

The letter of the minister shows, unfortunately, that the minister doesn’t attend to take action on this matter. He states: “There is no indication that drinking alcoholic energy drinks is an extensive problem, at this moment. The results of this risk inventory and of the research on the effects of labeling alcoholic drinks give no rise for me to introduce warning labels on alcoholic energy drinks or to take other actions.”

See the EUCAM report below for more information

report-on-risk-inventory-alcoholic-energy-drinks.pdfreport-on-risk-inventory-alcoholic-energy-drinks.pdf (165 kB)

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