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Continued prohibition against alcohol advertising in Norway

27 June 2009

Continued prohibition against alcohol advertising in Norway Supreme court have decided that there are not to be exceptions to the ban on alcohol advertising in Norway.

The ruling means that we can maintain a comprehensive advertising bans for alcoholic beverages in Norway.

“I am very pleased with the verdict, "said health minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen (Labour party).

The Supreme Court had to consider whether the ban on alcohol advertising could be in violation of the EEA Agreement rules on the free flow of goods and services, after vinmagasinet Vinforum and their publishers had lost in the Court against the State.

Alcohol Policy

According to healt minister Hanssen advertising bans are an important part of Norwegian alcohol policy.

“It is important and appropriate that the ability to have a comprehensive advertising bans are not limited by the EEA right, " Hanssen said in a press release from the ministry.

Editor Arne Ronold in Vinforum says he is extremely disappointed by the verdict that he believes allows for different court in the European Economic Area.

He says that their last hope now is that the monitoring body ESA meets Norway for the Court.

- But it is like believing in santa claus, says Ronold to Adresseavisen.


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