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UK Ministers restrict price promotion

12 October 2008

UK Ministers restrict price promotion October 12, 2008

Source: timeonline
Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Editor

Bars are to be banned from offering free alcohol to women and free wine and beer tastings will be curbed under a new system of government restrictions to cut public drunkenness.

There will also be rules to limit "happy hour" offers that encourage speed drinking and soft drinks will have to be sold at the same discount during promotions. Wine in restaurants will have to be served in glasses with marked measures.

The proposals, drafted by the Home Office and the Department of Health, seek to transform social attitudes towards drinking by breaking the association between drink and sexual, financial and social success.

A code for the drinks industry, leaked to The Sunday Times, marks a hardening in the government's stance after the failure of a voluntary code to curb binge drinking. Hospital admissions linked to excess alcohol have more than doubled in the past 10 years.

Threats by the government over the past four years to crack down on irresponsible behaviour by the drinks industry have foundered under the onslaught of aggressive discounting and promotions.

The mandatory code of practice has alarmed the drinks industry with an elaborate series of rules including:

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