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Alcopops will be dropped from Australian Market

21 March 2008

Alcopops will be dropped from Australian Market Only weeks after the Australian Prime Minister planned policy meassures to attack youth drinking by introducing a time ban on alcohol advertisements and obliged health labels, the three major breweries in Australia have agreed to drop alcopops and alcoholic energy drinks from the Australian market.

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Super-strength drinks down the drain as Rudd flexes muscles

SUPER-STRENGTH "alcopops" and potent energy drinks will be dropped by three major breweries, prompting claims the industry is fearful of a Federal Government crackdown on the controversial pre-mixed spirits market.
By Jill Stark of

Just weeks after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd declared war on Australia's youth binge-drinking "epidemic", leading companies have bowed to pressure to scrap stronger spirit-based ready-to-drinks

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