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New trend report: alcohol portrayal in popular movies

24 November 2010

New trend report: alcohol portrayal in popular movies This trend report describes the size of alcohol portrayal in movies that have been most visited in cinemas in 27 European countries in 2009. Most of these movies are seen by numerous European adults as well as minors after release in Europe. The volume and content of alcohol portrayal in
these movies give a first indication of the importance of alcohol portrayal in movies as a marketing tool by the alcohol industry in Europe.
For this research, the five movies most visited in theaters of each participating country in 2009 were analyzed. EUCAM partners from all around Europe filled in forms while watching the movies. The films where scored on the total amount of alcohol portrayal, the circumstances for drinking, brand visibility, binge drinking, drunkenness, and the age of the drinkers among other things. The analysis shows that the portrayal of alcohol is much more prevalent in European movies then it is in Hollywood movies. While the way that alcohol is portrayed (negatively, positively or neutrally)is similar in Hollywood and European productions, the portrayal of the use of alcohol differs greatly. Both binge drinking and drunkenness appear more frequent in European movies.

Please find below the EUCAM trend report: Movies with a tick – Inventory of alcohol portrayal in Europe’s most popular movies

trendreport-alcohol-portrayal-in-popular-movies.pdftrendreport-alcohol-portrayal-in-popular-movies.pdf (2,19 MB)

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