EUCAM - European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing

Publications from Academics:

Smith & Foxcroft (2007). The effect of alcohol advertising and marketing in drinking behaviour in young people: A systematic review. Derived from: AERC

Saffer, Dave & Grossman (2012). Behavioral Economics and the Demand for Alcohol: Results from the NLSY97.Derived from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Publications from Alcohol Industry related organizations:

Weinberg Group LLC (2006). An independent review of issues related to alcohol consumption in Europe. Brussels: The Weinberg Group LLC. Prepared for the Brewers of Europe. See Comments EUCAM and original paper.

Publications from Public Health NGOs:

Anderson, P. (2007). The Impact of Alcohol Advertising: ELSA project report on the evidence to strengthen regulation to protect young people. Utrecht: National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention.