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This was one of the many Dutch promotional items during the European Football Championship.

Two EC gadgets, a drum in the form of a hat (Heineken Trom-Pet) and a horn (Jupiler HollandHoorn) were very popular among the youngsters. Both promotional items were owned by almost a quarter of the youngsters during this championship. Another 40% indicated that they did not have the Heineken Trom-Pet but wanted to have it. Research has shown that possession of a promotional item of an alcohol producer is a strong predictor of drinking behaviour [3-5]. In the study of Mc Clure [5] a positive relationship between brand ownership and alcohol consumption was found as well: youngsters who owned more promotional items drank more alcohol.

Please click here for more information on the effects of promotional items during the EC among Dutch adolescents.

Country: Netherlands
Type of Alcohol Marketing Practice: Promotional Items

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